Types of skin diseases that often occur in children

Skin diseases can be suffered by adults and children. In children, the most common types of skin ailments are rashes and itching due to irritation and allergies related to the response to the environment, cleaning products, and food. Children, especially infants or toddlers are more at risk of developing skin diseases because of their daily habits of wearing diapers. In addition, skin diseases may also be experienced due to contact with other children who already have skin disorders due to certain germs or viruses. Of course, there are also hereditary skin diseases, and this type of skin disease is usually permanent. Common Skin Diseases Affected by Children Types of skin diseases suffered by children are generally the same as adults. However, there are some types of skin diseases that are more commonly experienced by children, including: Diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) Diaper rash is inflammation in areas covered by diapers, such as buttocks and groin folds. This disease a
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